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Week 83: Don’t Ask Me Why (folk-rnn v40atonal + Déguernel)

MUSAiC postdoc Ken Déguernel asked a special folk-rnn model to generate something in 12/8 with a dorian mode. That special model is v2 (trained in Irish traditional tunes from but fine tuned for 40 epochs on thousands of algorithmically generated twelve-tone row compositions. (He didn’t know this.) Ken embraced the craziness that resulted and produced, “Don’t ask my why”:

T:Don't ask me why
C:folk-rnn (v40atonal) + Déguernel
B2|:e3 ^d2 B2 d|=d2 AG- G4|[M:5/4] A2F3 G2E3|E<F A2 A3 Ad/2e/2d|
[M:4/4] e2 d2 B4|B/2EG/2- GA GE G2 |[M:5/4] A>A d=c B2 A3/2d3/2e|B8 B2:|
|:[M:4/4] e3/2B3/2G- G4|[M:5/4] d/2Bc/2 d2 G2 E3/2B3/2A|[M:4/4] G3/2E3/2F G3/2G3/2A |[M:5/4] ^A3/2G3/2E- E2 G3/2A3/2G | 
[M:4/4] c3/2^A3/2^B c4 |B/2EG/2- GA GE G2 |[M:5/4] c/2FA/2- AB AF A3/2d3/2e |B8 B2:| 

Published by Bob L. T. Sturm

Associate professor of computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

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