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Week 65: The Echo Hornpipe (Tradformer + Sturm)

In this 65th week of living in the Ai Frontiers, I have learned this cracking hornpipe from Tradformer – a veritable fountain of nearly-there tunes (see also Belly Spooks and We are just an advanced mold, and other Christmasy thoughts). This tune has parts that sound to me like echos, so I titled it after thatContinue reading “Week 65: The Echo Hornpipe (Tradformer + Sturm)”

Week 63: Belly Spooks (Tradformer + Sturm)

A few months ago our dog’s day care texted us: Though we never did find out what was wrong with Shoogee, “Belly Spooks” was added to my list of tunes I need to write. Tradformer created a good starting point, but I made major changes to the B part through a process of “creative divination”.Continue reading “Week 63: Belly Spooks (Tradformer + Sturm)”

Week 58: Tid för Jul! (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm + folqueuestraux)

We learned this tune from folk-rnn (v2), selected by the same critic that recommended another Christmas tune: “Fredrik’s Christmas Critic“. The KTH folqueuestraux went a bit wild with this. Great piano work by Marco adds some special Christmas spice. Laura, Luca and I busy ourselves in the corner, while the star of the show spreadsContinue reading “Week 58: Tid för Jul! (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm + folqueuestraux)”

Week 57: Radio Baton Hornpipe (Tradformer + Sturm + Music Transformer)

We learned this tune from Tradformer, which was created by Luca Casini visiting my lab. (We have played a few other nice tunes from this model here, such as The New Kid and The Teetering Magpie.) I made several adjustments to the tune and had Music Transformer create a piano accompaniment. I tasked visiting studentContinue reading “Week 57: Radio Baton Hornpipe (Tradformer + Sturm + Music Transformer)”

Week 53: Dog in the Bog (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)

I learned this wonderful hornpipe from folk-rnn (v2). I changed it around here and there, sometimes quite significantly, to use nearly the full range of Bosca Dubh. That low E in the second part is the lowest note I can play, and I wanted to use it. That meant transposing the tune to A majorContinue reading “Week 53: Dog in the Bog (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)”

Week 50: Tease the Dog (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)

I learned this tune from folk-rnn (v2). It was recommended to me by an artificial critic tuned to my likes – the same critic that recommended several other tunes that have appeared here, such as Fredrik’s Christmas Critic.This is the sixth tune my computer and I have written about my wonderful dog: Week 46: ShoogeeContinue reading “Week 50: Tease the Dog (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)”

Week 41: Socks and Sandals (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)

[Wearing socks with sandals in Scandinavia] can be considered bad form. People will assume you’ve been swimming in the coldest water ever. “In Sweden it’s called skatman,” says Sven. The idea being that you wear the right sock and sandals to survive in the freezing Baltic. As Swedes know, you also need the right shoes:Continue reading “Week 41: Socks and Sandals (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)”

Week 27: Sorpike’s Cat (folk-rnn v1 + Sturm)

[Sorpike has a cat]That’s been in the tubWe have asked it if it likes itIt’s a long-time loverBut now it’s wanting a better lifeAnd so is we Information courtesy of GPT-2 I learned this hornpipe (or is it a set dance?) from folk-rnn (v1), which appears in the folk-rnn (v1) Session Book, volume 8 ofContinue reading “Week 27: Sorpike’s Cat (folk-rnn v1 + Sturm)”

Week 18: Ms. Riddles’ Hornpipe (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)

[Ms. Riddles was a spider who] lived in the middle of a room in the house, where you can still see what used to be her house. She worked as a housekeeper, and she had a bad heart. But she was still a talented spider who had a strong mind, and she was a goodContinue reading “Week 18: Ms. Riddles’ Hornpipe (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)”

Week 13: Fredrik’s Christmas Critic (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)

[The hornpipe “Fredrik’s Christmas Critic”] by Thomas Brink Caught up in the holiday spirit – with little or no rhyme or reason? Well, you’re in luck. “Fredrik’s Christmas Critic” from the Thomas Brink series of hornpipe reviews comes with a detailed narration in Swedish to help you stay on the merry-go-round. Information courtesy of GPT-2Continue reading “Week 13: Fredrik’s Christmas Critic (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)”