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Week 84: Chill the Chardonnay (folk-rnn v2 w/ beamsearch + Sturm)

This reel comes from folk-rnn (v2) sampled with beamsearch. I found it while creating my entry to the Ai Music Generation Challenge 2022. I learned it while awaiting a Christmas visit from my mother-in-law – who loves big oaky chilled California chardonnay wine. And then we all recorded it as a family!

T:Chill the Chardonnay
C:folk-rnn (v2, w/ beamsearch) + Sturm
|:A2dA FABc|d2cd BAFA|BAFA Bcd^d|~e3f edBc|
dfdA (3FGA (3Bc^c|dfaf ~g3e|f2ed B2Ad|GBAF GED2:|
|:F~A3 dAFd|AFfd edBA|G~F3 BAFA|Beed ~e3z|1
A,/2A,/2A,A,A, B,A,B,D|A,2DB, A,B,DE|
FDB,D _A,3 =A,-|=A,B,DE FDD2:|
|2 A,/2A,/2A,A,A, B,A,B,D|A,2A2 a2^c'=f'-|
f'd'ba ^efdB|^GAd^G AB^G2||

Published by Bob L. T. Sturm

Associate professor of computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

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