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Week 81: Toivo’s Marzipants (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)

This jig comes from folk-rnn (v2), and celebrates a new arrival: a boy named Toivo whose loving parents claim his poopy diapers have a scent of marzipan. Welcome to the world Toivo! May your pants always be marzipants.

Week 80: The Docent (folk-rnn v2 + Sturm)

This jig comes from folk-rnn (v2), and was selected by a critic for me. At some point I picked up and thought it would be a great tune to play at my docent lecture. Here’s the slide that tells the legend. It’s history now!

Week 79: e-clipse (Tradformer + Sturm/Déguernel)

Here’s a different one. Tradformer created a nice jig, and then I made it a 5/8 “clipped jig”. Then Ken comes along and plays with the timing but on longer time scales in both parts. The title comes from Ken, probably to emphasize that the root is E.

Week 78: Scherzo (Sturm)

We now reach the first scherzo of “The shadow still lay where he had been standing” – a semi-autobiographical opera for YouTube, exploring ways of co-creating with a variety of AI “partners” — now recasting other operatic work on YouTube. In the present case, the AI partners are snapchat filters and nothing else. Future episodesContinue reading “Week 78: Scherzo (Sturm)”


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Hi. I’m Bob, the unelected President of The Society for the Preservation and Promotion of Machine Folk Music (v1.1). This blog documents my journey learning folk music generated by Ai. This “poetic research” is supported by ERC-2019-COG No. 864189 MUSAiC: Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism.

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