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Most recent tunes

Week 85: Time to Raze the Tree (folk-rnn v2 w/ beam search + Sturm)

I was asked for a tune for an online gig and so took a quick look in “58,105 Irish Style Double Jigs” and found this one. It appears as tune no. 48,490 on pg. 7,199. I spent some time with it, made a few modifications, and gave it the name – appropriate for this time…

Week 84: Chill the Chardonnay (folk-rnn v2 w/ beamsearch + Sturm)

This reel comes from folk-rnn (v2) sampled with beamsearch. I found it while creating my entry to the Ai Music Generation Challenge 2022. I learned it while awaiting a Christmas visit from my mother-in-law – who loves big oaky chilled California chardonnay wine. And then we all recorded it as a family!

Week 83: Don’t Ask Me Why (folk-rnn v40atonal + Déguernel)

MUSAiC postdoc Ken Déguernel asked a special folk-rnn model to generate something in 12/8 with a dorian mode. That special model is v2 (trained in Irish traditional tunes from but fine tuned for 40 epochs on thousands of algorithmically generated twelve-tone row compositions. (He didn’t know this.) Ken embraced the craziness that resulted and…

Week 82: Hjällö Semester (Tradformer v. Swedish)

Last year we took a summer trip (semester) to Djursvik, where I learned a nice jig. This year we traveled to Hjällö, which is a small village next to Hjo – right on the edge of the deepest lake in Sweden: Vättern. Here’s a few pictures from our trip: During the semester I learned one…


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About Me

Hi. I’m Bob, the unelected President of The Society for the Preservation and Promotion of Machine Folk Music (v1.1). This blog documents my journey learning folk music generated by Ai. This “poetic research” is supported by ERC-2019-COG No. 864189 MUSAiC: Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism.

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