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  1. “I like to think that music comes from somewhere that’s living. Otherwise it’s…something else. Algorithms, computers – they’ll always be predictable. Not so much humans. … My concern is that some people, somewhere and sometime, may consider one or more of these tunes – maybe all of them? – to be actual traditional tunes.” Ergo
  2. “The most useless piece of shit ever. Fuck off with that crap.” fuckthat
  3. “I don’t know whether to applaud or cry.” John K.
  4. “Machines aren’t creative as this proves.” tz1
  5. “Totally lifeless without warmth. Mind you much human tuneless junk that passes for music today isn’t much better.” Mikeyt1941, London
  6. “Why. Machine art is not human therefore just a soulless imitation. If it imitates it cannot create anything new.” worddust, Woodbridge
  7. “Isn’t music robotic enough these days?” rocksnoop1, Dover
  8. “Jeez. A computer that noodles. That’s all we need.” Mark M.
  9. “This sounds like evil devil work.” Jerone, LoM
  10. “Snacka om själ-lösa låtar… MUSIK.. Speciellt folkmusik.. Ska komma fram via upplevelser, traditioners djupa prägling. Upplevelser osv. Där människan är fokus, där folkmusiken präglat det traditionella kulturella livet. … När jag ser sådant här blir jag antingen förbannad eller skitskarp. Stefan J.
  11. “Let’s make all humans redundant, brilliant! Has everybody really lost their soul?!” pen, somewhere
  12. “Basically it’s crude turntabling without the sense of a musician familiar with the significance of various motifs \& phrases.” AB
  13. “This takes away possibilities for real musicians to compose Music and earn a living!” Per S.
  14. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t music supposed to come from the soul. Isn’t it an expression of our humanity aren’t the sentiments expressed supposed to touch us and make us empathise with the song writer/singer. AI generated music does none of those things, therefore it’s pointless. It’s like comparing a machine made chair to a Chippendale. Yes you can sit on both of them, but the beauty of a handmade, beautifully crafted chair cannot be compared to a mass produced conveyor belt item.” babsg, Newcastle
  15. “I think there is still some hope for humankind… Truthfully, if I learnt a tune by mistake that was written by a computer I would drop it. There are too many great tunes with a human story. A tune named “Johnny O’Leary’s” will have at least some connection – how it got from there to here through people. A tune called “Macbook Pro’s” just doesn’t have the same allure.” bogman
  16. “This computerized AI is just so non musically untalented lazy nerds can infiltrate the world of true musicians who love, created, and write the music from the joy, hurt, and life emanating from their hearts.” Radar Also, Hemet
  17. “It’s a niche interest within a niche interest that will go under the radar of all but those most interested in the area and won’t have the slightest effect on the lives of the vast majority of us. It’s probably less useful in practical terms than building algorithms to direct robot vacuum cleaners or self-driving cars, but why knock it as a field of study? Most career academics that I know are deeply buried in some very esoteric trench in their field.” Namloc
  18. “Can we not technologically tamper with everything that is good and pure in this world? A computer farting out generated tunes in some academic lab somewhere is the beginning of the end. … The sooner this experiment is confined to an anonymous university archive the better.” anonymous
  19. “I would suggest confining your computerised efforts to the archives of whichever University you are at.” anonymous
  20. “There are loads of crap tunes written by humans and there will continue to be (as long as there are people like me) in perpetuity. I’d rather play a great tune written by a computer than a crap one I wrote myself.” Conán M.
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