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Week 82: Hjällö Semester (Tradformer v. Swedish)

Last year we took a summer trip (semester) to Djursvik, where I learned a nice jig. This year we traveled to Hjällö, which is a small village next to Hjo – right on the edge of the deepest lake in Sweden: Vättern. Here’s a few pictures from our trip: During the semester I learned oneContinue reading “Week 82: Hjällö Semester (Tradformer v. Swedish)”

Week 71: The Dagstuhl Dawgs (folk-rnn v Swedish + Sturm)

Here’s a tune commemorating the “Deep Learning and Knowledge Integration for Music Audio Analysis” workshop at Dagstuhl, February 20 – 25 , 2022. The week was filled with excellent presentations, discussions, music making, and general conversation with a rich variety of people. Joining me in playing this tune are Rachel Bittner on piccolo, and StefanContinue reading “Week 71: The Dagstuhl Dawgs (folk-rnn v Swedish + Sturm)”

Week 60: Ugglas Polska (Tradformer + folqueuestraux)

We learned this tune from Tradformer, pretrained on data from, and then fine tuned on all slängpolska at Uggla is owl in Swedish, which means this polska is about an owl, or for an owl. A Swedish owl. I made several adjustments to what the algorithm generating, giving it some spice in theContinue reading “Week 60: Ugglas Polska (Tradformer + folqueuestraux)”

Week 3: Måndag på KTH (folk-rnn v/ Swedish)

[This polska] was killed in a shooting rampage by two men who were wearing T-shirts that read “We don’t do this shit”. Information courtesy of GPT-2 I learned this polska from folk-rnn (v/ Swedish). Its title reflects the feels of being on campus on Monday mornings. More information here. X:3 T:Måndag på KTH C:folk-rnn (v.Continue reading “Week 3: Måndag på KTH (folk-rnn v/ Swedish)”