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Week 82: Hjällö Semester (Tradformer v. Swedish)

Last year we took a summer trip (semester) to Djursvik, where I learned a nice jig. This year we traveled to Hjällö, which is a small village next to Hjo – right on the edge of the deepest lake in Sweden: Vättern. Here’s a few pictures from our trip:

During the semester I learned one of the first-place winning slängpolskas of The Ai Music Generation Challenge 2021. It was generated by the Swedish version of our Tradformer model. I play it accompanying a walk up to the castle in our neighborhood. (Thanks to Carla and Shoogee for taking the film!)

T:Hjällö Semester
C:Tradformer (v. Swedish)
E2FG F2GA G2FE|e2e^d e4f4|gfe^d e2fg f2e^d|B2e^d e4E4:|
|:g2fg e2g2 f2e2|^d2fd B4d4|e2de f2e2 d2c2|BcBA G4G4|
b2ba g2ga b4|a2ag a4f4|g2fg a2g2 f2e2|gfe^d e4e4:|

Published by Bob L. T. Sturm

Associate professor of computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

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