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Week 71: The Dagstuhl Dawgs (folk-rnn v Swedish + Sturm)

Here’s a tune commemorating the “Deep Learning and Knowledge Integration for Music Audio Analysis” workshop at Dagstuhl, February 20 – 25 , 2022. The week was filled with excellent presentations, discussions, music making, and general conversation with a rich variety of people. Joining me in playing this tune are Rachel Bittner on piccolo, and Stefan Balke on trumpet.

T:The Dagstuhl Dawgs
C:folk-rnn (v. Swedish) + Sturm
|:E2EG B4 ^d4|e2e^d e2fg a4|g2fe ^d2f2 c4|B2B^A B2B^AB4|
E2EG BGB^d e2g2|^c4 egfe f2a2|d2fd B2b2 f2a2|gfe^dd4e4:|
|:b2c'2 b2a2 g2b2|a2g2 f2e^de4|F4[EG]4[^CA]4|
e2fg a2f2 e2g2|E2FG A2F2 E2G2|1e2^de f2g2 a2^a2:|2e2^de fe=dcB4 ||

Published by Bob L. T. Sturm

Associate professor of computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

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